SODIMM Reminiscence Frequency, Capability, Timings – Find out how to Stability Your Subsequent Laptop computer Reminiscence Improve

Your laptop computer grinds underneath the pressure of software program reminiscence necessities forcing you to buy a laptop computer reminiscence improve. The query is, how do you go about shopping for an improve that reaps essentially the most advantages? We’ll check out this beneath.

SODIMM Reminiscence Frequency

No matter the kind of reminiscence, be it SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and many others. reminiscence frequency pays a pivotal position in its efficiency. You see, frequency influences the velocity at which bytes may be learn and written to and from a SODIMM reminiscence module.

The sooner the frequency of a SODIMM reminiscence module, the larger the bandwidth obtainable to your system, thus in the end the software program you run. Some software program advantages greater than others when extra bandwidth is on the market, nonetheless it is typically a good suggestion to have extra of it if attainable

In fact relying in your mannequin of laptop computer, it won’t be attainable to make use of upper frequency SODIMM reminiscence modules. The underpinning for that is easy, whereas a laptop computer supporting for instance PC2-4200 DDR2 SODIMM reminiscence that runs at 533MHz efficient can have a better rated SODIMM reminiscence module of the identical kind however increased grade put in (i.e. PC2-5300 DDR2 working at 667MHz), the online outcome will nonetheless be reminiscence that runs at a most of 533MHz. That is true until after all the reminiscence controller in that laptop computer helps the frequency of the sooner reminiscence. Usually laptop computer producers already set up the quickest grade of reminiscence throughout manufacturing..

Do you have to conclude that your laptop computer does help sooner SODIMM reminiscence modules, it might simply be value upgrading all of the put in reminiscence to no matter highest grade is supported. Reminiscence frequency is the primary contributor to reminiscence bandwidth due to this fact by in massive efficiency. Do observe how we wrote “all” the put in reminiscence. You see, in your laptop computer to run on the sooner reminiscence frequency, all put in SODIMM reminiscence should meet this specification thus be of the identical grade. In case your laptop computer has two SODIMM reminiscence slots (that is the norm) then in practise each SODIMM reminiscence modules should be similar. For instance, in a DDR2 reminiscence primarily based laptop computer this could be PC2-6400, in a DDR laptop computer PC3200, in a SDRAM laptop computer PC133 or every other obtainable mixture. Merely observe this line of thought and you will be okay.

SODIMM Reminiscence Capability

The quantity of reminiscence you have got put in in your laptop computer is what typically talking in the end defines how easy software program runs. Consequently, whereas reminiscence frequency is a key issue to SODIMM reminiscence efficiency, the capability of reminiscence put in is key for general system efficiency.

How a lot reminiscence you want depends on what software program you run. Sadly, there isn’t any golden rule that magically works for every software on the market. Fortuitously nonetheless there’s an previous precept that lends a serving to hand: extra reminiscence all the time helps. Basically what this interprets to in practise is that this: set up extra reminiscence than you want as this manner you are far much less more likely to run into slowdowns, offering after all the slowdowns are the results of low system reminiscence and never, per se, the processor, graphics card, storage gadget and many others.

Does this sound too good to be true? Regrettably sure, for 3 causes. Firstly, shopping for an excessive amount of laptop computer reminiscence will possible support laptop computer efficiency at the price of upsetting your pockets. Secondly, in an excellent world all laptops, be them new or previous, would help the at present most capability of obtainable SODIMM reminiscence modules. Clearly the world is not an excellent place and thus you may solely improve to the utmost capability supported by your laptop computer’s reminiscence controller. Thirdly, in the event you’re working a 32bit Working System on a laptop computer supporting 4GB or extra of reminiscence then simply remember that although the reminiscence will work, functions won’t use the complete 4GB. This can be a limitation of 32bit addressing, solely a few of this namespace is on the market to system reminiscence, the remaining should be used for addressing different varieties of reminiscence inside your laptop computer, for instance that of the graphics card. To beat this on laptops that help it, improve to a 64bit Working System.

Beginning to sound barely sophisticated? Let’s break this down into easy English. What you need to deduct from that is as follows: purchase as a lot reminiscence as your pockets and laptop computer permits however think about the restrictions of 32bit Working Techniques. When you plan to improve to 4GB or extra of reminiscence and have a more recent laptop computer then improve its Working System to a 64bit model. In case your laptop computer helps 4GB however solely 32bit Working Techniques then simply remember that the utmost your functions will possible see seen thus use is round Three.25-Three.5GB.

SODIMM Reminiscence Timings

Pc reminiscence function what’s often called timings. These are numerical values which symbolize delays in how a SODIMM reminiscence module operates. The precise values range relying on the kind of reminiscence (i.e. DDR2) and whether or not the given SODIMM reminiscence module is mainstream or a efficiency half. Such delays management all of the varieties of instructions that get executed when your laptop points a learn, write or copy command. Such timings are saved on every SODIMM reminiscence module in what’s often called a SPD (Serial Presence Detect) chip, positioned on the identical PCB (Printed Circuit Board) because the reminiscence chips.

As a result of reminiscence timings are in the end delays then one may assume it is logical to imagine that decrease timings are higher. This may be answered as true however solely to an extent. You see, there may be solely a lot that these timings may be lowered, even when a SODIMM reminiscence module has been binned as a efficiency half. This is because of synchronisation points. Reminiscence timings management how sluggish or how briskly a given operation is processed by a SODIMM reminiscence module. If it is set too quick then the end result could also be unstable operation. On the very least this may trigger faulty software program behaviour, or in the event you’re much less lucky a system halt.

Since enhanced reminiscence timings can solely contribute a lot to real-world system efficiency (circa 5% real-world efficiency increase), it is actually a case of deciding whether or not you imagine the added velocity increase (i.e. barely extra reminiscence bandwidth, considerably decrease reminiscence entry latency) is sufficient to warrant the value premium. Varied checks over time recommend no, even in the event you set up “efficiency” SODIMM reminiscence, you are not more likely to really feel the distinction in any kind of software program however benchmarks.


There are some essential details to recall from the above. At the start reminiscence frequency performs a pivotal position in reminiscence efficiency, in any other case outlined on the velocity at which reminiscence learn, write and thus copy instructions get processed. The upper the reminiscence bandwidth, the extra it not directly influences general system efficiency. Secondly, reminiscence capability is what instantly impacts the general velocity of your laptop computer by having a direct affect on laptop efficiency. The extra reminiscence you have got put in, the far much less possible you might be to run into slowdowns attributable to inadequate reminiscence assets obtainable to the Working System and different software program. Thirdly, reminiscence timings act as an icing on the cake (for a greater time period) to each reminiscence frequency and capability.

The above is the speculation, however what must you do when on the point of purchase your laptop computer reminiscence improve? At all times get the very best frequency of SODIMM reminiscence your laptop computer helps by figuring out the very best velocity grade supported by its reminiscence controller. Wherever your pockets permits, additionally try to improve to a wholesome quantity of reminiscence, above what you are sure to at present use thus leaving your self some headroom. Do nonetheless keep in mind that your laptop computer’s reminiscence controller additionally limits the utmost capability you may improve to. Lastly, the place possible (one thing you’ll have to deduce your self), select a SODIMM reminiscence module(s) with sooner (decrease) timings – if efficiency components aren’t obtainable then essentially the most you’ll lose is about 5% general system efficiency.


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